Sewage treatment station

In the city of Ribeirão Preto (State of Sao Paulo), D-R Guascor developed the cogeneration project for a Sewage Treatment Station (ETE), and installed a system that captures the biogas and uses it as fuel for the two SFGLD560 generator sets, adding up to a total of 1.5MW installed.

How does it work? The electricity generated is used to power the Sewage Treatment Station (ETE) itself, making it possible to reduce the grid’s electricity costs. The heat produced by the engines is used to heat the biodigestor, improving the efficiency of the degradation of the organic matter contained in the sludge, as well as contributing to generate more biogas.

The project is ecological on two levels. Firstly, because it uses the biogas as fuel for the engines, avoiding methane emissions into the atmosphere. Secondly, because the biogas is an energy source that does not deplete natural resources, making it possible to produce clean energy.