To generate electric energy that works 24 hours a day for remote locations that do not have access to Brazil’s National Interconnected System is a challenge addressed by Dresser-Rand Guascor, with the installation of thermal power plants in the country’s Northern region.

The operations and procedures developed by the company are applicable to any facility, regardless of size. This is valid both for the location Assis Brasil, where we generate energy for 6 thousand people and for Cruzeiro do Sul, where we generate electricity for more than 200 thousand people. In Maici, which is situated in the State of Rondônia, the energy supply benefits 25 homes. We adapt our plants according to the location’s size and needs.

To cater to the needs of the power plants, we established the function of operator-maintainer and power plant heads, who are trained and qualified by the company, and who operate with efficiency. We have eight Operation and Maintenance Centers (COMs), which are strategically located to be able to supply and respond quickly to the demand for replacement parts and services, and to monitor the predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance work so as to prevent any interruptions in the supply of energy.

One Technical Analysis Center (CTA), where our specialists use the predictive maintenance process to carry out analysis of lubricants. Plus four more Special Repair Centers (CREs), which repair and revitalize the engines, extending their useful life.

Currently, D-R Guascor serves 53 locations, covering roughly 747,700 people, with 393 generator sets, adding up to a total of 144 MW. We are experts at Operating and Maintenance Processes and Predictive Maintenance Techniques backed up by Vibration and Lubricant Analyses, Thermography, Endoscopy, Barometry, but also at providing our customers’ clients with an excellent service.