Social responsibility

One of D-R Guascor’s main actions is the use of local labor. We bet on and invest in local people, training them and encouraging them to remain in the region.

These actions are guided by respect, transparency and social commitment to the employees, public bodies and the local community. The response can be seen from the various awards received under the PSQT (the Industry Social Service Quality at Work Awards).

Another action is promoting diversity, inclusion and social integration. On this front the company has partners who believe in this type of initiative. Among them, highlight goes to the Associação Vaga Lume, which has already helped thousands of people in the Amazon region, and the Borboleta Azul project, which is the result of the connection between Outward Bound Brasil (OBB) and the Association of Parents and Friends of People with Disabilities of São Paulo (Apae-SP).

We also make social contributions to entities in Brazil’s Northern and Southeastern regions.