Our environmental commitment is present in all of the business’ processes: planning, execution, implementation and operation.

The company controls potentially polluting activities, preserves and conserves those natural resources that exist in the region around our undertakings, and promotes environmental education to improve the quality of life.

Green power plants

Vegetation is preserved at all the power plants operated. Projects with gardening and community vegetable gardens are cared for by the employees themselves, who play an active part in the harvest which is turned over to the community.

We train residents in the communities to be environmental agents, and provide them with teaching materials and lectures.

One of our simple actions involves reusing used diesel oil drums. The solution that we have adopted is to turn them into ecological trash cans for selective garbage collection. The drums are cleaned, adapted and distributed to institutions in the regions where the power plants are located.

Our operators are in charge of preservation

In addition to the daily tasks, the operator-maintainers perform important tasks in terms of protecting nature and the quality of life in the communities:

- They control gas emissions as well as the environmental pollution prevention systems;

- They clean the filters after they have been used and reuse them or donate them to be turned into useful objects, such as vases and musical instruments;

- They only use collection companies that have been authorized by the ANP when disposing of lubricants;

- They avoid burning materials that have not been used by the company, and instead recycle them so that they can be re-used.