We promote actions aimed at the development of the people and of the regions with which we interact.

We encourage and support Participative Sport. Employees have workplace exercise sessions and take part in soccer, futsal, running and swimming activities. In the country’s Northern region we have a partnership with Sesi (Industry Social Service), in competitions such as the Intercompany Games and the Regional Games, of which we have already been champions.

We encourage Musical Activity, of which singing is also a part. It improves oral expression and personal development. We have the Pura Energia (Pure Energy) Band, which was set up by employees in the State of Pará and which is focused on the Carimbó Style of circle dancing, which is the state’s hallmark style. The choir in the Rondônia branch recorded two CDs.

The company pins its hopes on Educational Actions that are aimed at better developing the employees and the community. We offer lectures, courses, and training sessions in relation to environmental education and quality of life, safety, and preservation, mechanical and electrical engineering. We also maintain libraries at the power plants, and encourage people to discover the joy of reading.

The Click campaign. A photography competition based on a chosen subject, which makes it possible to swap experiences and to get employees from all over Brazil involved, by means of the free expression of creativity.