Our business

The operations and procedures developed by Dresser-Rand Guascor are applicable to any facility, regardless of its size, in the solar, hydraulic and thermal energy segments (diesel, biodiesel, natural gas and biogas) in all of the undertaking’s phases:

- Study and project development;

- Implementation, operation and maintenance of power plants and other generation systems;

- Sale of own brand machinery and equipment.

We provide solutions in accordance with the generation source chosen by the client.

We also recognize that the activities can have economic, social and environmental impacts that affect everyone involved. Because of this, our business is backed up by:

Eco-efficiency in operations

- Predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance

- Recovery and extension of the useful life of the engines

- Increased benefits with lubricant quality tests: less burning and defects, and greater yield

- Uninterrupted energy supply

Conscientious Consumption

- Reduction of costs with lubricants and fuel and maintenance by meeting periodic schedules

- Generation of economically viable energy

- Recovery, reuse and awareness in the use of materials

Environmental Education

- Green power plants: preservation of original vegetation

- Gardening and community vegetable garden projects at the power plants

- Investment and recognition in caring for people and the environment