Who we are?

In 1997, Guascor do Brasil took the first step towards expanding independent production of electricity in the country’s Northern region, with the first thermoelectric power plant in the municipality of Soure, State of Pará. Subsequently, units in the States of Rondônia, Acre and Amazonas came on stream. Nowadays, we also operate in the hydraulic energy, solar energy and bioenergy sectors.

In May 2011, the French-American company Dresser-Rand, which is the market leader in the supply of high precision rotating equipment for the oil, gas and electricity generation industries took control of the Grupo Guascor S.L., which has its head office in Spain.

As a result, the company is now ready to take on a new order of leadership in the market. The services and support network, which is present in more than 140 countries, provides the reliability and flexibility that is necessary to serve a market with permanent demand for sustainable energy solutions.

Operation & Maintenance at DRG

Since our power plants use advanced automation technology, the local operators carry out preventive interventions, which help to extend the useful life of the facilities and contribute to the quality controls. As a result, a decision was made to set up the role of operator-maintainer, whose involvement in the equipment conservation tasks made it possible to switch from the corrective and preventive maintenance model to the current one of predictive maintenance.

“It is the basic concept of operator-maintainer that enables each power plant to keep up a continuous generation rate with autonomy, and the company capitalizes on all of these operating experiences to improve manufacture”, explains Fernando Pinho, who is the Director for Operations. “And this takes us to a unique position within the segment.”